Apply for a grant

Although it was begun in May of 2015, the NICER Foundation remains at a minimal level of funding.  Until we can obtain funding from steadier, larger funding sources we can only make small grants every now and then, needing time in between to replenish our bank account (You can do something about that!  See the "donate" page on this site).   


If you have a small to mid-sized need, please use the contact form and ask us if we can help.  However, before you contact us please be aware that if we determine that your need is consistent with our mission you will be required to provide us with:

1. A signed HIPPA release form (that we provide) authorizing the your sleep doc to share your relevant medical information with us.  You will submit that to your doctor's office and ask them to send us a physical letter by snail mail stating that you:
a. have been clearly and definitively diagnosed with narcolepsy
b. are currently under treatment and are compliant with all prescribed therapies
c. have a next scheduled appointment

2. A copy of your most recent Federal tax return including all attachments (you may block out your SSN).

3. A cash flow analysis of your monthly expenses compared to income. Basically, that's expenses in one column, income in another. Copies of the most recent bills listed as expenses will be needed.

You will be asked to provide other supporting materials as well.